2019 Juried Showcase Exhibit – Inspired By Music

Guild Members were asked: Do you use music as a background while creating our art? Does that influence design? Maybe that Janis Joplin ballad suggests a color choice. Does that Vivaldi piece allude to something other than seasons? Tell us, in your art form, what a specific musical theme does to inspire your fiber art. Rock and Roll; Classical; Hip Hop; Techno; Big Band; Opera; Musical Theater; Emo; etc.; any and all are valid and encouraged!

Juror: Steven Frost
CU professor, weaver, founder of Boulder chapter of Colorado Sewing Rebellion

HGB Showcase Manager: Maribeth Hite

Juror’s Choice Award
HGB Member David Van Buskirk
‘Samadi or Silence’

Created as a visual expression of the journey from a chaotic mind to one of stillness, it also reflects the importance of silence or ‘rests’ in large symphonic works. The greatest example is perhaps the final movement of Mahler’s 9th Symphony where an hour of tumultuous sound, and rage at the idea of one’s death passes into several ling moments of complete silence, nothing being played at all. The effect is like surrendering to one’s fate and to that vast silence and stillness.

People’s Choice Award
HGB Member Lolly Gold

I listen to classical, rock, music from Broadway, New Age and other music while I work in my studio. This year’s showcase theme made me think about what the essence of music is. As I created ‘Ascent’ I became aware that music can lift our spirits, lift us up out of our chairs to dance, lift away barriers to out deepest feelings, and to lift us to heights beyond imagination.

2019 HGB Fiber Art Show & Sale Showcase Participants
Linda Tharp Arnn • Mary Balzer • Darlene Danko  • Deborah Davis  • Alice Gansfield  • Lolly Gold  • Cat Hersh  • Jane Hill • Jennifer Hill  • Maribeth Hite • Philippa Lack • Mary Morse • Donna Pattee • David Van Buskirk

HGB Fiber Art Show & Sale Juried Showcase

Each year, during the five-day HGB Fiber Art Show & Sale at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, Handweavers Guild of Boulder members show their best work in the juried showcase. According to the theme chosen for that year, members of the Guild interpret their reflections in a wide variety of media including weaving, quilting, knitting, crochet, basketry and felting which may be hung on the wall or stand as sculpture.

The Showcase brings visitors the opportunity to see creativity and skilled artisanship up close and personal, and the chance to vote on the People’s Choice Award for their favorite work.