A Message from the Sale Chair – 2022 HGB Fiber Art Show & Sale

Oh my gosh, it’s time to start talking about the HGB Fiber Art Show & Sale!  Which means it’s time to talk about YOU!

You! Our members – the bright, creative, and driving force behind the Guild – are what make the Show & Sale so successful every year.  The Guild puts on the Show & Sale for you so that you can share your art with your fellow artists and the community.  And the Show & Sale makes it possible for the Guild to provide all our members with opportunities to learn and connect throughout the year.  The show must go on!

The dates for the 2022 Show & Sale are November 2 through November 6, 2022 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont.  I encourage ALL our members to participate in the fun and fabulousness that is the Show & Sale.

The juried Showcase theme this year is “I Make Things Because I Must”.

If you are like me, you have a stash of things that need a loving home and are filling up the corners of yours.  We all probably have a hard time putting things down or are always looking towards (and perhaps starting) the next project before the current one is done.  I have at least 5 different projects going on at any given time, and I carry a piece of knitting with me everywhere.  Why?  Because, at the end of the day – and sometimes in the middle of it – knitting is my way of achieving peace and inner balance.   What is that driving force behind your love of fiber art?  How can you embody that passion, that drive, that need to create and share it with the rest of us?

Have you never been to the Show & Sale before and don’t know what it is all about? 

No problem!  You don’t have to have items entered in the Show & Sale in order to volunteer.  Sign up for a volunteer shift!  Volunteering is a fabulous opportunity to learn about what other fiber artists are doing, get ideas for you own projects, and to interact with the friends and supporters who love what we have to share.  It is an opportunity to meet your fellow artists and make connections within the artist community.  The volunteer shifts at the Show & Sale can be as fun as the creative process itself.  Seeing someone find that perfect gift – for themselves or for someone else – is immensely satisfying, and I am always amazed by the beautiful things my fellow artists produce.  Every member can participate to make the Show & Sale a success.  Come see what we have to offer!

Are you an artist who produces a limited number of pieces that you want to sell? 

No problem!  There are no minimum requirements for the number of items you enter in the Show & Sale.  If you only have 2 or 3 things that you would like to sell, please participate.  Variety is what makes the Show & Sale so successful and anything you would like to bring to the table increases the diversity of what we have to offer.  If all 70 of our new members from last year entered 5 items in the Show & Sale, that is 350 one-of-a kind items for the public to fall in love with!

Perhaps you are unsure if your items meet the Standards of Acceptance set by the Rules and Regulations? 

No problem!  You can find the Rules and Regulations on the Show & Sale section of the HBG website or reach out to the Standards Committee at any time and talk to them about your items.

Maybe you are just Curious About the Sale and want more information. 

The Show & Sale section of the Guild website has tutorials from the Sale Technology Committee that provide an overview of the Show & Sale, complying with Standards, using the different computer programs, and what to expect at check-in and check-out.

Are you a member who has previously participated in the Show & Sale, but did not in the past few years due to COVID or because the Show & Sale did not take place in 2020?  Please come back!!  We miss you!

Renew your HGB membership now! To participate in the Show & Sale, you must be an active member of the Guild by September 13, 2022.  

Don’t have to wait to renew your membership – being an active member is required to access the Show & Sale part of the Guild website.  That is where you can learn more about the Sale itself, upcoming important dates, read the Rules and Regulations, and find out when and how to volunteer.  As a member, you also have access to study groups, workshops, a scholarship fund to help you attend workshops or trainings, and our marvelous library. Your membership supports our Guild programs and helps keep fiber arts alive and thriving in our community through outreach.

Don’t keep the Show & Sale a secret!

Pick up and drop off postcards! Visit and share hgbsale.org! Share a post to social media! Get the word out!

The Show & Sale has been going strong for over 50 years.  We have a postcard mailing list of over 9,000 loyal customers and an email list exceeding 300 patrons who signed up at the Sale because they want to know when to come back every year.  Every year in the past decade that the Sale took place, the Guild successfully marketed and sold between $110,000 and $124,000 worth of handmade, unique fiber creations made solely by our artist members.  Last year, the Show & Sale hit a record with over $152,000 in sales!  We give shoppers looking for handmade, interesting, one-of-a-kind gifts a fabulous opportunity to buy directly from the artist.  And that artist is YOU!